Questions related to this web site

Knowledge Space Ltd offers world-class satellite communication consultancy service. Enshrined in the company's vision is a desire to share knowledge in the field of space technology.

Question 1: What is the delivery time of a book?

Depending on availability, the books are dispatched from our UK warehouse within a day of a confirmed order. The UK dispatch abroad is through Airmail service of the Royal Mail. According to the Royal mail website, the normal delivery time of a parcel for a UK/Europe destination is within 3 days and for the rest of the world, 5 days.

Question 2 : When will you host the next set of e-learning courses mentioned in the product section?

The courses are expected to be released at regular intervals.

Question 3: What happens if the received product is damaged?

Knowledge Space Ltd exercises a 7-days return policy to physical items sold on the web site. Please see our Terms and Conditions for details.

Question 4: What is your privacy policy with regards to user data?

Knowledge Space Ltd values your privacy very highly. Please see our Privacy policy for details.